What is a Masterbatch?

In pure form, polymers usually do not fulfil all technological requirements. Only through blending with additives is technological and economical functionality achieved. Additives are dispersed or dissolved into polymers and influence neither the constitution nor the configuration of the polymer, but their conformation.



By furnishing the polymers with additives, the mechanical, electrical and chemical properties are improved, the processing is eased and the appearance of the product is changed.

The mechanical properties are changed by

  • fillers
  • nucleation agents
  • softening agents
  • foaming agents

The chemical properties are influenced by

  • UV agents
  • thermo stabilizers
  • flame retardants

The appearance can be changed by

  • pigments
  • dies
  • optical brighteners

The surface properties can be changed by

  • antistatic agents
  • slip agents
  • antiblock agents

Additives can be used by themselves, as a combination of additives or as so called batches or masterbatches which contain a carrier resin.

A masterbatch, therefore, represents a concentrate of an additive or a combination of additives in a polymer.